Community Health Assessment

Community Health  Assessment

Duplin County Health Department and Vidant Duplin Hospital participated in the Regional Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) in 2018.

We are part of the 33 eastern counties that are participating in this initiative.  We will be on a three year cycle for the CHNA. The Community Health Needs Assessment is used to identify priority health issues and to plan interventions to build healthier communities in Duplin County.  The primary data is collected from county residents by way of surveys and focus groups, and the secondary data is gathered from many sources including but not limited to: NC State Center for Health Statistics, US Census Bureau, Department of Labor, Economic Development, Hospital admissions and Emergency Department, County Health Rankings and others.

All current data for the 2018 CHNA and beyond will be housed on a new website Health ENC. The website will have all the data from the community surveys, focus groups and the secondary statistics.  Please visit the website for a wealth of information on our county and our neighboring counties.

Healthy North Carolina 2020

  • 2012 Community Health Assessment:2012 Duplin CHA Final Formatted With Table of Contents 
  • 2016 Community Health Assessment: 2016 Duplin CHA Final
  • 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment: Report is located on the Duplin County webpage on the Heath Department face page.
  • Duplin County Resource List:  2019 Duplin County Resource list     This list will not always be current as agencies and resources change frequently. If you wish to add to the resource list please contact the Health Department or use

On the years between the CHNA the Health Department completes a State of the County Health Report. This report looks at the progress made on the Community Health Improvement Plans(CHIP) and reviews the available health data and trends.

  • 2013 State of the County Health Report: 2013 SOTCH Report
  • 2014 State of the County Health Report: 2014 SOTCH Report
  • 2015 State of the County Health Report: 2015 SOTCH Report PDF
  • 2017 State of the County Health Report: 2017 Duplin SOTCH Report

Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer, and Injuries are the top causes of death and disability in Duplin County. Making appropriate lifestyle changes can decrease your risk of disease and complications from chronic disease.

NC State Center for Health Statistics:

Key Health Indicators for North Carolina and Duplin County:

There are many factors that affect health: access to care, number of medical providers, resources, employment, high school graduation rates, literacy levels, primary language, environmental and others.

The County Health Rankings are a overall snapshot of the health of individual states and counties.

If you assistance or have questions about the CHNA please contact us at 910-296-2130