To provide prevention, promotion, and protection measures to ensure the health of our diverse community and the environment by 1) identifying and reducing health risks and barriers to available health care, 2) detecting, investigating, and preventing the spread of disease, and, 3) partnering with the community to promote and provide equitable access to quality health care services.

Nicotine in vapes can mess with important neurotransmitters in the brain, which can lead to feeling anxious and on edge. For example, nicotine can interfere with acetylcholine, which is connected to the way we experience emotions. Visit QuitlineNC for help to quit smoking or vaping.
La nicotina en los vapes puede interferir con importantes neurotransmisores en el cerebro, lo que puede provocar una sensación de ansiedad y nerviosismo. Por ejemplo, la nicotina puede interferir con la acetilcolina, que está relacionada con la forma en que experimentamos las emociones. Visita QuitlineNC Español para ayudarle a dejar de fumar o vapear.