Diabetes Program

Staying Healthy with Diabetes

Patients with diabetes have risk factors that can be changed such as being overweight, lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating that will improve their lives and decrease complications. Complications include heart disease, kidney disease, eye disease and nerve disease. Duplin County Health Department offers community diabetes education classes monthly. These classes are open to anyone in the community with diabetes, pre-diabetes and their families or caregivers.

The classes in 2019 are held at the Health Department on the second, third and fourth Tuesday of each month at 10:00. There is no charge for attending the classes. The classes are taught by nutritionists and nurses with specialized training on diabetes management.

You will learn:

  1. How diabetes affects your body
  2. Understand blood sugar control
  3. How to prevent or decease the complications associated with diabetes
  4. How to eat balanced meals
  5. Healthy food choices
  6. Understanding portion sizes and learning the best times to eat
  7. Ways to add exercise to your daily routine
  8. How to managing your blood sugar on days you are sick
  9. Importance of communicating with your medical care provider

Call 910-296-2130 to register for the classes or to get more information.


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