Hurricane Season Starts June 1st

Hurricanes: Family Disaster Plan

Building a family disaster plan is half the formula for disaster safety.  Will you be able to contact each other?  Make sure your family knows the plan.

Make a Emergency Supply Kit- Medications; eye glasses; cash; important family documents and bank account records in a waterproof container; sleeping bag; blankets; pillow; change of clothes; personal hygiene items; paper towels; toilet paper; plastic cups and paper plates; paper and pencil; books, games, or other activities for children.

Water, one gallon per person per day; non-perishable food for 3 days, batteries, flashlight, NOAA weather radio, first aid kit, plastic bags, can openers, hand sanitizer.

For Pets- Three days of food, water specially for pets, medications, shot records, crate or other pet carrier, paper towels, plastic bags, cleaner, familiar items, bed, toys, take a picture of you and your pet with breed, weight, age, sex etc.

Prepare your home- tie down all loose items, store outdoor furniture, grills, cover your home’s windows storm shutters or plywood.

Get all your supplies before a storm actually arrives, avoid the pre-storm rush!