Community Health Assessment

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Community Health  Assessment

Every three to four years Duplin County Health Department, Vidant Duplin Hospital and other community agencies conduct a Community Health Assessment (CHA). The Community Health Assessment is used to identify priority health issues and to plan interventions to build healthier communities in Duplin County.  The data is collected from both county residents by way of surveys and focus groups and from data collected by the NC State Center for Health Statistics. For more information on county level data and resources contact the Health Department’s administration staff at 910-296-2130.

The community task force met in June 2016 to discuss and review current trends, assess available resources and is in the process of writing several Community Action Plans. The CHA Action Plans are aligned with the Healthy North Carolina 2020 goals.

Vidant Duplin Hospital document:

Healthy North Carolina 2020

On the years between the CHA the Health Department completes a State of the County Health Report. This report looks at the progress made on the CHA action plans and reviews the available health data and trends.

Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer, and Injuries are the top causes of death and disability in Duplin County. Making appropriate lifestyle changes can decrease your risk of disease and complications from chronic disease.

NC State Center for Health Statistics:

Key Health Indicators for North Carolina and Duplin County:

There are many factors that affect health: access to care, number of medical providers, resources, employment, high school graduation rates, literacy levels, primary language, environmental and others.

The County Health Rankings are a overall snapshot of the health of individual states and counties.

Data that is available from the state sites are typically 1-2 years behind the current calendar year. Data that is complied from small number of cases is best evaluated over a 5 year period to avoid the appearance of a huge change.